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Creative Marketing Studio. Specializing in eBooks, Video and Inner Wisdom Coaching for the Solopreneur (Sole Proprietors) and Entrepreneurs, specifically geared to the Health & Wellness industry - like chiropractors, psychologists, counsellors etc.


About Colour Infusion

Ignite Your Business

With COVID-19, as many others, we are in the process of restructuring our business. Our main focus will be on creating eBooks & Video for your business, to capture leads for interested people to become paying clients.

Weare still able to create videos for you, even at a distance. Depending on your comfort level, we can guide/assist you what and how to record yourself, send us the files, and we'll edit it for you. Super covid-friendly, while you can still attract new clients through social media and other avenues like newsletters and online paid ads through strong video marketing.

We have 2 offices in order to serve Alberta in the Cochrane, Calgary, Canmore, Banff area as well as the Elk Valley BC including Sparwood, Fernie and Elkford.

Send us a message today with your needs and wants! Email us: - attn. Norja.

What We Do


Connect with people online! If a picture is worth a thousand words, get excited about what you can do with video! Stay tuned for a course called Video for the Camera Shy & Solopreneur! Create a short video for your home page, or one specific for advertising purpose. Email us for updates if you are interested.

eBooks as a Lead Capture

What is an eBook? You probably have downloaded a PDF from a website before in exchange for your name and email. This is called a Lead Capture. It is a great way to build your database and stay in touch through email either with monthly emails or automation. If this is something you’d like for your business, we can help you get set up. Let’s book a brainstorming session for what would work for you!

Brochures and printed materials

Brochures can be used in digital and print format. These should be clean and organized to get the right information to your potential customer. Professional photos are also very important. Determine what you want to do with them before you decide to print them, as it can be costly. You want to make sure you get your ROI. if you do a lot of trade shows, this is a great tool. For direct mail, it’s not as useful and we wouldn’t recommend it. Rack cards may be a better option as it is more cost effective.

Logo Design

A logo is about brand awareness. It’s an essential component for your business. 7 initial designs. Pick and choose elements, narrow it down to what you love! Create an impression that lasts!

Brand recognition plays a key element for any business that
wants to succeed.

Coaching for Solopreneurs

We are also adding “The Fearless Inukshuk”! A segment within Colour Infusion that specializes in Business Coaching through focused mindfulness. This does not mean we’ll be telling you want to do…it means, we help you get into the deeper core of your being, so you can find what is right for you and what holds you back. Break through some of those bariers in a safe environment. This can be done via Zoom as well as in person with 6-ft personal space for our safety.

Marketing Strategy

There are many many ways to market your business. Do you have to put it all in place? Probably not. Find out what your business platforms you can benefit from. An artist will have different needs and strategies then a wholistic business. We offer consultations to find quickly what to use and what to avoid.

Quick Wins Marketing

If you are running a home based business or a small business, and are looking for new ideas, we offer monthly Quick Wins Marketing sessions via Zoom, to determine what you are doing now, and what you can implement as a quick win. A quick win is a fairly quick integration of something in your marketing plan, to help you get new customers/clients, depending on sales cycle. Our dates for this are available on Facebook > Colour Infusion – Creative Marketing Studio > Events.


Due to COVID-19 our photography studio is currently closed. We specialize in professional headshots for Social Media, Business Cards and Bios. We can also set up a custom session at your office, to show website visitors your beautiful space. Product photography is also an option, depending on your needs.

Social Media

If you find it dreadful to come up with posts on any of your Social Media platforms, we can help create custom branded posts for your business. We use Hootsuite to schedule, then you can approve. Custom images are included and simple quote videos.


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Video for the Camera Shy & Solopreneur

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We are in the process of putting together a Video Production Series for the Solopreneur and Camera Shy. You will walk away with the confidence to record your own video content, while we do the editing in the end for you. We will also add a section on how to market your video once it's done.

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Camera Set Up

Camera set up is a subject with many varieties and options. We are narrowing it down for you, so it's more focused. Should you look into the lens or not will also be covered. Get curious!

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What To Wear?

How you present yourself is important, especially in video. Also what backgrounds do you have available? We'll go over how to bring harmony to how you present yourself in your video.

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Lighting & Sound

Of course lighting and sound are very important. Do you have to invest in a lot of equipment? You don't have to, with a few simple tricks, which we will outline in our series.

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Video Story Outline

We have a section where we will show you a few simple ways to set up your story line, and also how to keep your presentation organic versus reading through a teleprompter.

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Promoting Your Video

Of course it is important to get your video played by potential customers. We'll go over how to market your video, to attract more clients into your door!