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Looking for a website that grows as your business grows?

Look no further. Self hosted WordPress sites are the best choice for content management in most cases.

Even though we enjoy building websites with custom code, you may have more extensive needs and want to take control after your site is up and running., or self-hosted WordPress, is one of the most intuitive, customizable Content Management Platform and responsive to boot. Responsive means that your website will look great on all mobile devices as well and this is mandatory with Google now!

All our WP sites will have basic Search Engine Optimization included. Since websites are living breathing things, we have Care Plans (we are fine tuning those, stay tuned) available for your convenience after the launch.

If you have any questions about Domains, Hosting, SSL and other items please head over to our FAQ section in our Help Desk.

There is a lot more to Website Design then meets the eye

Making a website in itself is not the hardest part. It’s getting the results you are looking for that takes expertise and time. We can help you address any of the following questions you may have like:

  • How do I make my website rank in Google?
  • How do I see who visits my site?
  • How do I get a form for people to sign up for my newsletter?
  • What is SEO?
  • How do I optimize my database?
  • What are database tables?
  • What factors make page load speed up?
  • How are images optimized for the web?
  • How do I move my website to another server?
  • What is FTP?
  • What is SSL and how do I get it for my site?
  • Can you set up emails?
  • Why should I not use info@?

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Why choose us to build your new website?

  • We’re a Canadian based web design company creating beautiful, easy to navigate and functional websites with results.
  • High quality custom website design means we work with you until your unique website is perfect. We have strategies in place to get there in a timely manner.
  • Most of our websites are built with a Content Management System like WordPress; this allows you to update your content, at any time.
  • Your website is designed with the mobile world in mind and will look great on computers, smart phones and tablet devices.
  • We pride ourselves in the service we provide to our clients. Our customer base is about 98% referrals from our existing clients.
  • We are a full service web design company so not online can we build websites, we can offer a range of services to assist with online marketing – Ensuring that your website can be seen on Google.
  • Fast support provided by through our Help Desk & FAQ  to streamline our response time.

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Looking for the best option for your website? Self hosted WordPress sites are the best choice for content management in most cases.

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