Stop stepping on your own leash!

Entrepreneur/Solopreneur Coaching

Coaching is a loaded word. I can hear anyone think “Are you going to tell me how to run my business? How would you know what is best for my business?”

Brainspotting for Business

Well, I won’t tell you what to do or what not to do (unless you ask for advice) in our coaching sessions. What I will do is set up a safe environment for you to access your own inner wisdom to be the best possible you, you can be. Our coaching sessions will help you shift from within.

Fear may be holding you back

I came up with The Fearless Inukshuk, as we usually are held back by an emotion called fear. The meaning behind the inukshuk is pointing the way, giving direction. Our dog Penny threw in the metaphor as he often steps on her own leash, and it reminded me that we all can go smiling through life, while we hold ourselves back for apparent unknown reasons. Stuff (aka experiences you have had throughout your life) is locked up in your deeper brain, which you cannot access through your neocortex, which is a fancy word for thinking brain.

Meditation practice

This is why many successful business people meditate. The power though is in the holding the space with someone. This is where our sessions come in. You process while I hold the space with you, so I can keep you grounded and guide you through the process. I will give you instructions on how to do it on your own as well. The benefit is, you don’t have to do much as homework goes so it doesn’t add to your already full plate of running a business, and many also a household, along with hobbies that fulfill you.

Your staff

If you feel you like to increase performance of your staff, we can also do the same method with them.

About our packages

Included in our packages are a series of Brainspotting™ sessions, as well as Quick Wins Marketing session to determine where we can find quick gains to get more customers or upsell to existing ones, whatever it is you need right away for your business.

Coaching through Mindful Brainspotting

PackagesSession RatesDetails
Wapiti Summit$6503 Coaching Sessions including support by email and FB group
Mt Robson Summit$12006 Coaching Sessions including support by email and FB Group
Mt Logan Summit$216012 Coaching sessions including support by email and FB Group

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