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How to Blog; Writing for your Business Blog. Finding Inspiration.

Often my clients don’t know what to write about when it comes to their company blog. Do you feel the same way? How about using your client’s FAQ’s for inspiration. They will tell you in their own way what information they are looking for.

A blog is a perfect platform to answer these questions in small doses, have them categorized and tagged with important keywords. It’s less overwhelming for you, the writer, as you can post your (short) articles over time, and it breaks it down in smaller pieces for the reader. Writing blog posts also helps you rank better in Google.

Show off your expertise.

With a blog, you can show off your expertise. The quality of your posts will help the reader get to know you. This builds rapport and trust in you, that you are the one for the job! Earn the right. I found a great article about that in general from Steve Yastrow.

Here is one segment of it:

To create a dialogue that a customer cares about, there are two key truths we need to remember:

  1. Customers don’t really care about our stories. They care about their own stories.
  2. At any moment you encounter a customer, that customer is in the middle of a rich personal narrative. The story that he really cares about is going on in his head, right now.

Small Business Blog Writing is key!

Whatever people are looking for, it’s a very good idea to a small business to write a blog. And trust me, I know you are very busy running your business, and so am I, but it’s still important to make the time. It never has to be long, people usually don’t have time to read endless entries. Break it down in smaller posts, even with a “To Be Continued” if you have more to say about the topic. The bonus: they will come back to your site to see what you have to say.

Don’t have an empty blog

An empty blog means that you have one, but the last time you wrote an article was 6 months ago, because you are either really really busy, or just don’t enjoy writing. It’s better then to close the blog, or to hire someone to write your articles for you.


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