AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

About AMP

AMP is the abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The newest development that Google loves you to add to your website. It is an open source (which means free to use for anyone) initiative that web designers and the like, can create a mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

It is a way to build web pages for static content that render (a.k.a. load) fast. AMP in action consists of three different parts:

  1. AMP coding is HTML with restrictions for reliable performance and extensions for building rich content beyond basic HTML.
  2. The AMP JavaScript library makes sure that the AMP HTML pages load fast!
  3. The Google AMP Cache can be used to serve cached AMP HTML pages. In everyday language, that means Google serves up your content super fast!

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, led by Google and hundreds of other publishers, looks to make dramatic changes to how mobile content is delivered to your phone.

Google will know, via the means of canonical tags on your pages, when to serve up the AMP content to mobile users.

We can integrate this into your existing WordPress or custom coded website.

Pricing depends on a few factors:

  • how many pages you like to get optimized
  • the number of images you want to display

We charge $95/hr to AMP up your site.

(or $75/hr if you are on our membership plan)

Load ‘r up fast with AMP – The New Mobile Super Powers!!


We can help you set up on your WordPress site with AMP ! Contact Us today.