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3 insights to business branding

3 insights to business branding

Does your business need a brand?

People ask me “why do I need a brand, I’m not a big business.” My reply is “ you may not be a big business, but you can market like one.”
Every business needs a brand because there is so much information that technology brings, it is important to stand out from the clutter and a brand helps any size business stick out.
Finding the elusive brand takes business and marketing knowledge plus a keen insight to what your business does best. A brand is the glue that bonds your business with your marketing.

1. A brand will give your business focus.

Think of a brand as your central theme or your guiding light. To find a guiding light, first you must identify what is unique about your business and why it is better. I take my clients through a process to find or develop competitive advantages. Once you have that clear, you are well on your way to a brand.
Focus your central theme on everything your business does, such as product and service and how you deliver it. Developing content for your marketing will be easier when you know what should be said.
Tell your target customer why you are different and better. Use this on your website, Facebook, word of mouth, blog etc.

2. A brand will give your business an identity.

Consistency is key when developing a brand. A brand gives your business familiarity, and customers buy from a business they know. Look at your business and ask, is my business delivering “unique and better” consistently? If not, go back to your business plan and get the consistency. For example, if you went to McDonalds and after 20 minutes of waiting they told you they were out of hamburgers (no hamburgers and slow service). That would be going against its promise/brand.

3. A brand will help all your marketing.

To keep everyone on the same page it is important to tell everyone your brand. Business communications and marketing should have the same central theme so everything is integrated. For example, if a client visits your business website and then visits your physical location, the website and location signage should look the same, including your brochures, business card etc.

Hiring professionals who have expert knowledge to help communicate your uniqueness such as a web designer who can incorporate your brand marketing into a successful website.

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