Updates & Upgrades!

Save money with our Website Management Credit Plans.

After your site has launched, we won't leave you hanging! We offer long-term web-site care, exclusively designed for Small Businesses with 1 - 3 employees including Owner/Operator. Website maintenance is important because your site needs updating to keep it interesting for the visitor. We have put together a convenient system for you, where you can purchase monthly credits. If you don't use all the credits, you can forward it to the next month, up to a year. When not on a plan, the minimum charge for any change is an hour at $95.

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THE BENEFITS of being on a plan:

  1. We charge a minimum of one hour ($95) for updates. It’s reduced with a monthly plan
  2. Our montly plans go by credits, one credit is about 20 min. of our time.
  3. Minimal 1 credit is used per login, so gather them up to get the max.
  4. You won’t run into unexpected website expenses; great when you are on a tight budget
  5. You can carry forward your un-used credits within the term of the contract, so save up for the bigger projects like Rack Cards and Additional Pages
  6. Updates are usually (98%) done within 24 hours on business days.
  7. You can earn bonus credits or a free month for qualified referrals

We aim to do the updates within 1 or 2 business days of your request. Contact us for a list of services and their credits.

Please check any of the following packages to suit your needs. To set up your monthly maintenance plan, please contact us, and we'll set up the contract for you.

Not sure which package to choose?

Start with a lower one and upgrade anytime as needed.

▶ Silver Plan
Our Silver plan is great when you need monthly updates for sure, like specials etc.
This plan allows you to use 3 credits (20 min of our time per credit) a month: $75/mo.
▶ Gold Plan
subscribe to our monthly maintenance plans. Learn More >
When you run several specials throughout the month.
6 credits a month at any time: $135/mo.
▶ Platinum Plan
If you like us to take care of things like preparing your monthly newsletter, add Social Media entries, custom ads or other items. 8 credits a month at any time: $160/mo.
▶ V.I.P. Program
When you need time-sensitive, priority updates, workshop poster designs, rack cards to support your advertising campaigns etc.: 12 credits a month at any time: $225/mo.

How do I sign up?

  1. You can view terms and subscribe conveniently online via PayPal (from credit card or bank account)
  2. You can email me to request the plan-contract and snail-mail me 6 or 12 post-dated checks for the 1st of the month.

Got Questions? Try our Live Chat.

The small print:
It's a minimum of 12 month contract the first year.
This ONLY applies to Small Business with 1 - 3 employees, including the Owner/Operator.
A after the first year is up, you can cancel with 30 day notice at any time.
Web Management does NOT include a full re-design option.
Your plan starts upon receiving signed contract and 6 to 12 post-dated checks or subscribe using PayPal.
Pricing includes GST.
If you need updates before the weekend or on Monday first thing, please submit your changes by email by Thursday at noon.

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