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Colour Infusion Web Design - Reflect your Professionalism! 403.688.1137

Website Words of Wisdom

  1. computer_userDOMAINS: Use a domain name that is short and memorable. The choice between .ca or .com or any of the other varieties is up to you. If you are solely doing business in Canada I would suggest .ca, if it’s international I would suggest to use .com.
  2. SHORT PAGES: Keep your pages short and consistent; about two scrolls down. If it’s an endless page, you will lose potential clients fast.
  3. CONTENT: Provide compelling and valuable content. Bullet points & short questions are best. Make sure to add lots of keywords, but in a way that looks natural to the reader.
  4. PHOTOS: Add professional photographs to enhance your message. Make sure they are not copyrighted. You can buy beautiful photos from iStock Photo for example.
  5. CONTACT: Make sure it’s easy to get in touch with you. E.g. phone, social media, chat, email, contact form, text messaging. A web form is highly recommended as many people use a web-based email address like or It also makes it easy for people to use a form when they are on a public computer as they won’t need an email client like Outlook or Windows Live Mail.
  6. FONTS: Use easy to read font types. When a webpage is too busy with too many different sized fonts it will look messy and un-attractive. Keep it as simple as possible.
  7. FLASH: Avoid using Flash Animation. Its out-dated and can’t be viewed properly on smart phones plus Google doesn’t see it. Most “animation” is done in JavaScript or JQuery now. Also make sure that you don’t overdo it. Too much flashing is a surefire way to get rid of your visitor before they know what you have to offer them.
  8. SEO: Create internal links throughout your pages for Search Engine Optimization. This helps your visitor find what they need as they are reading through your materials to find out more. If you show your email address anywhere, make sure it’s linked to either the contact page with form, or so that it pops up for the client to send you an inquiry.
  9. SOCIAL: Join the Conversation. Social Media is a big thing today. Make sure you integrate both Share and Follow options.
  10. ADVERTISING: Google AdSense is often used to make money off a website when an ad is clicked by a visitor. Does that make sense to have? No, as it will distract your page and leads the client to a potential competitor instead. It often gives a messy look to your site too, just like advertising in magazines.