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Template it or hire a professional?

(from previous blog – September 26, 2010)

Frustrated with Web Design?

When you start up a new business, it is tempting to go for a template for your website, as you can do it yourself and it appears to save you money! But does it really?

The only way it’ll save you money is when you know what you are doing. How to integrate proper keywords, meta-tags, Search Engine tricks and more! If you have a free website, it doesn’t hurt too much -although it usually shows a water mark who’s sponsoring your site and that in itself doesn’t look professional-, but if you are paying a monthly fee you want to make sure you are being found on the ever so growing web!

Do you want the template company to just collect money on a monthly basis or do you want visitors to find you and YOU get business?

The benefits of a professionally designed website, is obviously that it’ll be unique, custom designed to your style with proper logo integration. All the details are looked after from organizing your files, where to get the most beautiful photographs, proper background information to validation.

And then the time factor, shouldn’t you be out there marketing your business, instead of working on your website? A professional website will show your customers how serious you are about your business, and thus attracting more clients!

We have looked at many websites over the years and about 90% don’t have up-to-date Industry Standard meta tags, they are created with tables which is now outdated and doesn’t help with the loading of the site. These are important things to remember! If you are afraid it’s going to cost you a fortune, think again and ask for a quote. We can certainly work within a set budget anywhere from $600 on, for a brand new customized site! Build as you build your business…Payment plans available if need be, upon approval.

Update-packages are available to suit your update needs! Content Management Systems are often a lot more! So inquire, shop around and go with what feels right! Go get the business! Show your professionalism!