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Website Words of Wisdom

  1. computer_userDOMAINS: Use a domain name that is short and memorable. The choice between .ca or .com or any of the other varieties is up to you. If you are solely doing business in Canada I would suggest .ca, if it’s international I would suggest to use .com.
  2. SHORT PAGES: Keep your pages short and consistent; about two scrolls down. If it’s an endless page, you will lose potential clients fast.
  3. CONTENT: Provide compelling and valuable Continue reading


What are keywords?

First things first! Keywords. What are they?  When someone is searching for information on the web, they will usually visit a search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) and type in one or more words to describe what they are looking for. The search engine then checks what matches with the database, and displays the results listed. Robots find the sites that relate to that particular keyword.

These words used by people like you and me searching are called keywords.

Where to look for keywords?
There are many ways to research what people on the internet are looking for, including full phrases. Continue reading

Why tags are important in your WordPress Blog posts?

If you have a blog attached to your website, it’s important to remember to add tags to the article with important keywords. Make sure these are also mentioned in the posted article itself. Here is an example of how you could come up in Google’s Search Engine when you do so:

Search Engine Optimization with tags

Search Engine Optimized





I googled ‘web design’ to see where I was ranking today and found that my blog tag “web design’ ranked just above my main website link.

How to get to the tag section when entering a new blog post?

Look in the column on the right and scroll to “Post Tags”. You will enter them in the box with commas and click add when you are done. This will appear:

keyword tags in blog

Make sure you enter Keyword Tags

tag cloud with seo keywords

Tag Cloud










If you have the “tag cloud” widget installed on your pages, it will show the tags used through out the site. The more often one is repeated, the larger it appears, like this:

For more information on Search Engine Optimization and keywords, feel free to contact us for a 1 hour consultation (Only $75).


Online Marketing

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