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What are keywords?

First things first! Keywords. What are they?  When someone is searching for information on the web, they will usually visit a search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) and type in one or more words to describe what they are looking for. The search engine then checks what matches with the database, and displays the results listed. Robots find the sites that relate to that particular keyword.

These words used by people like you and me searching are called keywords.

Where to look for keywords?
There are many ways to research what people on the internet are looking for, including full phrases. It’s good practice to think as if you are the customer looking for yourself. What would you type in to try and find you? There is a free keyword tool from Google, which will tell you how many other people type in the same thing. The numbers are on a monthly basis and can go by country, region or across the globe, depending on what you need.

Writing keyword rich Content!
Once you know what people type in, you want to use as many of the high-ranking keywords, but also watch the competition. Google Keyword Tool will also tell you how much competition you have on certain keywords. Use the words in your content; the text that is displayed on your web pages. The home page (a.k.a. index page) is the most important. You should also have important keywords in your page titles. These should be different on every page, and not just your company name.