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Flash Websites

(from previous blog – November 18, 2010)

Are you considering a website created in Flash? Then it’s a good idea to think again!

Flash is only editable if you have the .fla file, but your designer may not give that to you and only hand you the .swf and .html files it needs to work in the browser. This is okay if all goes well, but if it’s time to hire a new designer you may run into a challenge.

It’s not possible to make any changes to your Flash website, unless you have the .fla file. If you want to change designers for any reason, it will need to be created all over. And that can be costly of course.

With all the Web Development out there, you can do pretty much anything within HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery and achieve the same effect. Flash components are still okay, but consider your options when you want your entire site build in Flash. It may not be the best idea! Ask for your site to be set up in HTML for your convenience.