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Editing your content with cPanel log-in

If you don’t have Content Management, there are usually a few options you can check in order to edit the content of your website. You can log into your cPanel with your hosting company. This should have an HTML-editor (if your pages are set up with the extension .html i.e. index.html) or a code editor if it’s set up different then HTML (i.e. index.php).

If you have to use the code editor, make sure you stay within the HTML tags:
i.e. <p> your text here </p> or
<li>your list items here</li>

Follow these steps to get there:

Login to your Hosting account, and click Control Panel

Go into your cPanel

FInd the "File Manager" icon and click to proceed

Check that the setting is set to Web Root in the pop-up dialog box

Click the appropriate editing button