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9 Tips for choosing a Hosting Company

Check out these 9 tips to watch for before signing up for a hosting company:

  1. Do they have a Toll Free number you can call, for support?
  2. Do they have Live Chat?
  3. What is their guarantee, i.e. “30 day money-back guarantee”?
  4. Do they support PHP and MySQL ~ and how much room can you use within these? (I know it’s jargon, but just make sure they have that as it will save your web designer time)
  5. What other goodies do they support, like Blogs, Guest Books and more…?
  6. Is your error page customizable? You know the “404 Not Found” page. It’s best if it can look like the rest of your website, plus integrate the ability to send the visitor back to your current home page.
  7. Does it support Content Management Systems, like Drupal, Joomla or
  8. What is their “up-time”? This is important so you are not loosing any valuable visitors during down-time!
  9. Is the web-design program you are using compatible? Often if you use Microsoft Frontpage, you need extentions.

The best way is to ask around what other people are using, and what their experience is. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions: