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7 Visitor Frustrations

Colour No-No's!

Colour No-Nos!

Please find the following tips on why visitors will move away from your site or decide not to do business with you:

  1. They can’t find easily what they are looking for. This could be due to the navigation being all over the place, certain terms they are looking for like “Contact” or “Calendar” but you’ve named them different to be cool.
  2. They can’t find a phone number to contact you. A phone number (or email) should be on each page, clearly visible; preferably at the top somewhere.
  3. They don’t know what you have to offer. Often when big words are used or long complicated sentences, people loose interest fast and easy. Be sure to have a clear message right from the get-go, so your visitor can see in one overview what you have to offer and is being drawn in to learn more and contact you.
  4. The page takes too long to load. This often happens when pages are created in Flash, or a page with images that are huge files.
  5. Dis-organization. When pictures are scattered over the page, with several font sizes and font types, it can look very messy. Your visitor may get overwhelmed and move on because of it.
  6. Too many Google Ads or other advertising. It’s understandable that you like to make money with paid advertising on your site, however it’s often distracting and visitors may not be able to read what you have to say because of it. If you must have it, reserve a spot at the bottom so it’s not all over the page. Make it a rotating banner, or have a different background colour to distinguish between your content and advertisers.
  7. Colour clashes of text. Hard to read text due to colour combinations that shouldn’t be used. In example, light gray on a slightly darker gray background, or gray background with red on it, or red and blue combinations. Trust me I have seen it happen! It hurts!