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About the use of Tables…

What are ‘tables” and why is it bad to use them for web design?

Tables are one (outdated) way to display items on a webpage. This used to be really popular in the early stages of the internet and web design, as it allowed to keep things in place on the page. They are read by search engines, however they are read in an order from left to right and top to bottom. If your first ‘cell’ in the table has an image, the search engine won’t pick up on the much of the content until it gets to the second or third cell, depending on what you have in there. It’s better to use something called a ‘div’ instead, but it takes time to understand how to position them properly with CSS.

It often takes more time to load the page when using tables as it adds bytes to the page. The lower the bytes the better. Also, the page usually loads per cell, so it’s like a puzzle coming together, versus showing the entire page at once. Tables are semantically incorrect to use as a page layout. And they make life very difficult for screen readers.

If you have a site that uses tables for the layout, you may want to consider changing it over to a div-based site, in order to rank higher, load faster and increase traffic. Opinions vary, but it seems that Google only reads the data in div’s and not in tables, as tables should be used to display data in a chart like fashion (like Excel spread sheets), like price lists, or overview of features in a number of company packages for example.

If you have an outdated website with tables, give us a call to see how we can optimize your site. We can create a dynamic site which will be visually appealing at an affordable price.

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Your Wedding Website Package is here!


Wedding Website Package

Get a customized web site for your Wedding Day!

Display photos, Gift Registries, Get PayPal “Gift Money” buttons, so your friends and family can send you money!

After the wedding, we will post a series of your best photos on a beautiful slideshow for all to see. If you want it protected, you can select the login option. Get a 4 – 6 page Wedding Website today! Contact us for details.

Professional Photograpy

Professional photographs are key on your company website. Either buy them from a stock photography company or hire a professional to take company specific photos of your products/services!

TIP: make sure to add ‘alt’ and ‘title’ to your images in the HTML code! It helps for Search Engine Rankings too 😉

Our new website will be launched in the summer, with a special page dedicated to photographers for you to choose from. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, feel free to ask for recommendations. Email us:

Pick a package that suits your needs and save!

Get Started Splash Page:

If all you need one page to show your office hours, phone number, logo and tagline, this will be perfect for you. You can upgrade to any of the packages below from here and deduct the $400. This is a static page.

Business Start Up Package**:

We will keep your site simple yet captivating with up to 8 pages. in keeping with current industry standard, along with one item in Javascript (animation like tabbed panels etc) to make it captivating. **This package is exclusive for new businesses. Photo editing included for 10 photos; $2.50 per photo thereafter.

Web Art:

You have had your business for a while and it’s time to go with a professional website, so you can focus on running your business. With this package you can have 6 – 8 pages and we’ll make it look eye-catching and vibrant. We will integrate 2 JavaScript (animated) components, to give the site a dynamic and quality appearance. Photo editing included up to 12 photos if needed; $2.50 per photo thereafter.

Art de Luxe:

You want a web site that truly stands out from the crowd. It’s customized to your needs and will perfectly express who you are and who you want to attract. It’s for 8 – 14 pages with maximum 5 JavaScript (animated) items, and we’ll do anything to make it look first-class, polished and efficient for the visitor. Photo editing included up to 14 photos if needed; $2.50 per photo thereafter.

Platinum Web Art:

A high-end web design, up to 18 pages. We keep the pages short for easy access and throw in a year of advertising with Shop in Canada in your province, with a value of $360 per year. This helps your Search Engine rankings. Photo editing included up to 20 photos if needed; $2.50 per photo thereafter. Includes website search box. Also includes Facebook, Blog and Twitter set-up and interaction.

CMS Web Convenience Package:

If you need to do many changes throughout the year and need more than 20 pages, Content Management (CMS) is a good choice, with education support if necessary. This way you can log into your site keep your site up-to-date. Photo editing included for up to 50 photos if needed; $2.50 per photo thereafter. Price adjustment for more than 20 pages. Also includes Facebook, Blog and Twitter set-up and interaction.

E-Commerce Package:

If your site is primarily a sales site and you have up to 150 products and like to update them yourself, have your visitors search your product by price range, or item, create an account and add to their wish list, or buy directly. This site will focus on sales and again, we will throw in one year of Shop in Canada at a value of $360 per year in your province. Photo editing included for up to 150 photos.

* Prices are valid till May 31st, 2011 and do not include GST. All background information and SEO is included. Stock Photos, domain names and hosting are separate expenses. For custom quotes please inquire.

Template it or hire a professional?

(from previous blog – September 26, 2010)

Frustrated with Web Design?

When you start up a new business, it is tempting to go for a template for your website, as you can do it yourself and it appears to save you money! But does it really?

The only way it’ll save you money is when you know what you are doing. How to integrate proper keywords, meta-tags, Search Engine tricks and more! If you have a free website, it doesn’t hurt too much -although it usually shows a water mark who’s sponsoring your site and that in itself doesn’t look professional-, but if you are paying a monthly fee you want to make sure you are being found on the ever so growing web!

Do you want the template company to just collect money on a monthly basis or do you want visitors to find you and YOU get business?

The benefits of a professionally designed website, is obviously that it’ll be unique, custom designed to your style with proper logo integration. All the details are looked after from organizing your files, where to get the most beautiful photographs, proper background information to validation.

And then the time factor, shouldn’t you be out there marketing your business, instead of working on your website? A professional website will show your customers how serious you are about your business, and thus attracting more clients!

We have looked at many websites over the years and about 90% don’t have up-to-date Industry Standard meta tags, they are created with tables which is now outdated and doesn’t help with the loading of the site. These are important things to remember! If you are afraid it’s going to cost you a fortune, think again and ask for a quote. We can certainly work within a set budget anywhere from $600 on, for a brand new customized site! Build as you build your business…Payment plans available if need be, upon approval.

Update-packages are available to suit your update needs! Content Management Systems are often a lot more! So inquire, shop around and go with what feels right! Go get the business! Show your professionalism!

Using a Template

(From previous blog – July 7, 2010)

Hi again! I come across a lot of people’s websites, who use a template to save money, usually new companies. This in itself is a great idea, however remember to check out the following items before uploading, so you are not loosing your professional look:

  • Make sure you give each page a title according to page content (Try to Google “Untitled Document” and see why :) ) When People save it to their bookmarks it also looks better, when i.e. “Workshops – your Company Name” comes up, instead of “Home”.
  • Make sure your page looks good in all browsers and sizes
  • Add proper meta-tags, so Search Engines can find you (this is a service we offer for a small fee, in case you need help)
  • Get feedback on your content and lay-out from a friend
  • Look over their shoulder when they are on the computer, to see if they can find what they are looking for, as it may be clear to you, but not to a new visitor.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!
Have a great day! Cheers, Norja

Spry Menus in DreamWeaver

(From previous blog – May 19, 2010)

The best way to have the Spry Menu’s (Vertical and Horizontal Navigation Bars with drop down navigation) from DreamWeaver work in any browser, it’s best to have the width of all the drop downs the same as the main bar.

If you change it, it could show inconsistency in Internet Explorer. Firefox is usually fine.